Five causes of Tooth Pain Exposed

If you are having tooth pain, it can often cause a bit of worry. For some, it might last for a moment, but for others, it might be for much longer. It’s something that not only feels bad, but causes major anxiety as well. However, what if the causes of this were completely exposed, showing you just what is going on with your oral health to cause this? That’s what this article is about. this article will go over the five causes of tooth pain, and why you might want to see your Eugene dentist if you notice that there is something going on.

The first, is tooth decay, which is when plaque and bacteria do dissolve into the enamel, which will then expose the weak spots and create cavities. These are holes that will cause the dentin inside the tooth to feel sensitive and sore. You should get a filling if that is the case from your Eugene dentist, and see them if there are underlying issues.

A dental abscess is another on. This is when bacteria builds up and there is an infection at the tip of the root. This will cause a pressure to build up, which results in soreness and swelling. This develops a pocket of pus around the tooth. You can get an x-ray to confirm this, and you might have to get it cut and drained. However, these can be fought with antibiotics as well.

A cracked tooth is another. Tooth enamel is a very hard substance, however if you have bad habits that involve using your teeth to open stuff, it can crack your tooth. A crack can cause intense pain in those that are chewing, and it also causes a sensitivity to hot and cold and also various foods and beverages.

Sometimes you might not even notice the crack, since it’s hidden in the back or at the root. However, your dentist can tell you, and while the treatment does vary depending on the location, it might have to be something as simple as a filling or crown, or as deep as a root canal. This is all dependent on the location though.

Gum disease is another major part of this. There are two types, called gingivitis and periodontist, and depending on what severity it is, you might need more extensive treatment. However, essentially this is bacteria eating at the gum lines, usually caused by bad dental hygiene. If your gums are affected, they can become swollen and feel red, tender, and bleed a lot. They over time will detach themselves from the teeth, and this will then form some loose pockets where there are roots at the bottom exposed.

You can go to the dentist and get some deep cleanings done, and they might need to extract it and clean out the infected area if it’s very serious. However, sometimes just paying more attention to your brushing and flossing is enough. You should see your dentist regardless.

Finally, tooth sensitivity does happen. This is caused by the dentin being exposed due to enamel wearing down. You can get specialized toothpastes that will help numb it a bit and aid in reducing how sensitive it is. You can also get some fluoride and put it on your teeth as well to help with this. If you do have tooth sensitivity though, it’s important that you do let your dentist know about this, since there might be some sort of underlying issue. Do tell your dentist, for it could be a major situation not discussed otherwise.

Having tooth pain is never fun, but you should always consider the various reasons for this pain. You never know what it might be, so you should always check with the dentist as soon as you start to develop it. by making sure that you do this, you’ll be able to ensure that you have good dental health, dental health that is worth the effort, and dental health that will certainly shine. You owe it to have the best oral health possible, and while the tooth pain might not last for a long time, it’s still important to watch out for too.