Full mouth reconstruction versus a smile makeover

You’ve probably seen on a lot of dental websites these two procedures. But what is the difference between them? Is there a benefit to one over the other? Well, you’re about to find out, for this is something that you should definitely consider if you’re wanting to change the way that your mouth looks. But, we’ll go over the difference of each of these so that you know when you’re ready the core differences between the two.
Now, both of these have some similarities, with both of them involving multiple treatments over the course of a certain amount of appointments in order to help a patient that has problems with their smile. After the dentist looks it over, they will then formulate a plan that will best make sure that you’re getting the help that you need.

Now, the biggest difference is the kinds of problems that they tend to address. A smile makeover is more aesthetically oriented. It’s working to improve the overall appearance and look of the smile that you have. For example, this can be teeth whitening, fixing the gaps and chips, restoring damaged teeth, or even all of the above. This is mostly for those that want to have a flawless smile that looks like something a celebrity might have.
Now a full-mouth reconstruction can accomplish this, but let’s look at it in a different way. It’s mostly working to improve the function of the teeth along with the appearance. Those that need a smile makeover generally have healthy teeth that are functioning like they should, so they can eat and speak comfortably. With a full mouth reconstruction, this often isn’t the case.

Often, those that get a full mouth reconstruction have core issues with their smile, such as broken teeth, missing teeth, alignment problems whether it be with their teeth or the jaw. The first part of this really does more with improving the functionality, and then they tackle how the smile looks. Essentially, it takes care of the core health issues with the teeth first, and then, it will work on the aesthetics as well.
How is this determined? This is really done by the dentist. You might think you need a smile makeover, but then, the dentist finds a bigger issue that can be the cause of the cosmetic problems. When you do go to the dentist, tell them about your smile and everything that you don’t like about it. The dentist will listen to your concerns, and from there, they can determine what it is that you need, and they will create the best treatment plan that you can there. At that point, it’s mostly up to you to go to all of them to get the smile that you want to have.

In the end, the type of treatment plan that you get doesn’t matter as much, but the biggest thing that you need to realize is that the care that you get matters a whole lot more. Now, if you’ve been dealing with problems for years dentally that you need help with, such as those that affect how you eat, smile, or even speak, then you should go in and seethe dentist. They can help you with this, and it can really make you feel like you’ve gotten the full benefits of your smile, and that can give you the makeover that you’ve wanted to have for a long time.

By understanding both of these problems, along with the core differences between both of them, you’ll be able to figure out the right option for yourself. With this, you’ll be able to talk to yourdentist, get the help and the treatment that you need, and from there, work on trying to make it so that you’re able to get the most from this. You’d be surprised at the nature of your teeth, and what might be under it all, but if you go to the dentist and get the help that you need, you can be successful, and you can with this as well get the assistance that you need to truly make your life the best it can be too.


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